NairobiStyle.com is a blog that explores the vibrant art, culture and lifestyle scene in Nairobi, Kenya. The blog is curated by Salim Rollins and Azza Satti, independent artists who have taught and worked in various cultural arts since 1999.

The site showcases:

  • events and festivals
  • cultural institutions
  • emerging and established artistic talent working in all mediums
  • live performances
  • urban and rustic design
  • East African fashion and designers
  • health and wellness facilities and practitioners
  • family friendly happenings
  • travel destinations
  • food and dining

The purpose of NairobiStyle.com is to create a platform for the art, culture and lifestyle community in Nairobi to showcase its work while establishing a cultural resource for Kenyans, travelers and people interested in East Africa. Nairobi has emerged as the economic hub of East Africa and anyone who has spent time in the city can attest to the rapid growth and development that the city has undergone in the past several years. Furthermore, the future is bright for a new Africa that can assert a strong global influence economically and politically. NairobiStyle.com seeks to ensure that in the midst of this economic growth, there is also emphasis placed on the arts as artists have historically been the holders and innovators of culture. As the global economy turns its attention to the “developing world” in the coming decades, NairobiStyle.com asks the question: what cultural values are important for us to establish in the future and how can the arts contribute to these values? The articles and images that appear on this site are an attempt to answer this critical question.

We welcome your feedback so please reach out to us with any comments, questions or suggestions on our contact page.

In Community,

Salim Rollins & Azza Satti