Salim Rollins was born into a family of artists in the suburbs of New York and at an early age showed an interest and talent for creative pursuits. He began performing in school plays at the age of ten and continued acting through his college years. Salim began his work in video production in 1999 as a sound technician for the independent feature film Cubamor, shot in Havana, Cuba. He went to work on several international films including Caminho de Sao Tome (Cape Verde); Science and Astrology of the Maya (Mexico); Yoga Sutras (India) and eventually produced and directed an original documentary, Besouro Preto (Black Beetle), shot in Brazil. These projects explored the arts, culture, history and social justice.  He worked as an Associate Producer for the New York cable channel, Metro TV. At Metro he worked on multiple programs including Gallery HD which produced documentaries on esteemed visual artists. He also produced segments that showcased local cultural events including live music, theater, art exhibits etc. for Studio Y. For seven years Salim taught Capoeira Angola, Yoga and video production in after school programs in public schools throughout New York. Soon after he transitioned to Oakland, California where he became the Outreach Programs Director for Destiny Arts Center, a youth organization focused on movement and performing arts with an integrated violence prevention curriculum. At Destiny Salim directed a department that brought teaching artists to over 30 public schools and cultural institutions annually throughout the Bay Area. Through the program Bay Area youth engaged in numerous movement and performing arts classes including hip hop dance; capoeira; Afro-Brazilian contemporary dance; theater; and martial arts among other forms. Salim is a seasoned practitioner and teacher of Capoeira Angola and Yoga and strives to use his health and wellness background to support healthy lifestyle choices in communities.  He has a passion for event production and creating platforms for artists of all genres to showcase their work. Salim is excited to offer his talent and passion for the arts to the community in Kenya.

Azza Satti is a Libya-born,Azza Headshot#2 Sudanese-Somali art agent, curator and educator who grew up in Kenya, France, Belgium, Chad and the United States. Through her extensive travels, multicultural background and charismatic personality she learned to connect with people at an early age. Azza has worked at numerous cultural institutions including Japan Society (New York), Rashid Diab Arts Centre (Khartoum), and Opening Act (New York). She graduated from Tisch School of the Arts at New York University with a M.A. in Art and Public Policy, and a B.A. in Media Studies from Hunter College (CUNY). Her interest in arts, culture, social justice and political democracy prompted her to created a blog in 2012 focused on art and public policy. Azza is passionate about empowering creative minds by teaching improvisation theater. In 2013 she facilitated an ‘Improv Your Life’ workshop in French and English to youth activists and social entrepreneurs from around the world as a part of UNESCO’s 8th Annual Youth Forum in Paris. She also facilitated previous workshops for HIV/AIDS infected youth as well as young female activists. Azza has produced and curated exhibitions of Sudanese artists such as Khalid Kodi, Rashid Diab, and El Tayeb Daw El Beit. She currently represents established and up-and-coming artists from East Africa and curates an independent film  series in Nairobi.